Profit Protection

VISION Profit Protection is a complete software that prevents and identifies the loss in your point of sale.

VISION Profit Protection provides strategic information on how to reduce losses, especially those related to fraud, non-compliance, misconduct and theft.

The software solution is based on data mining techniques applied at the time of transaction and integrated video technics to prevent the loss. Functionalities are developed in order to be easy to use and help retailers to analyse key statistics so as to include them in decision-making processes.

Experts at your service

The highest yield of VISION Profit Protection is guaranteed by our experts that will support your profit protection by providing:

  • Extensive experience in identifying cases for investigation.
  • Knowledge and application of advanced analytical techniques.
  • Reduced internal training costs.
  • Knowledge of laws related to proper data protection.

VISION Profit Protection has gained market-leading status as a direct result of successfully uncovering, investigating and preventing loss on a daily basis. Designed to take the drudgery out of data analysis – VISION Profit Protection directs users to the issues which require urgent resolution, helping to manage the resulting investigations and delivering the completed case to the business. Significant contributions from the user community provide a retail driven solution to meet the needs of loss prevention professionals on a global basis.

VISION Profit Protection has been fully integrated with Flooid VISION BeanStore®, a multi-channel Java POS solution. Retailers now have the advantage of integrated POS and loss prevention data analytics to ensure maximum store performance, enhanced business efficiencies and best practices – delivering increased stakeholder/ shareholder value.


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