Channel Manager

A data sorting node for centralized control of new multi-channel shopping experiences.

Retail is undergoing a radical change. Driven by the dramatic rise of Mobile Computing and the convergence between eCommerce sales and in-store retailing, Consumer behaviors are fundamentally changing.

It can no longer be assumed that shopping begins and ends within store, nor Consumer wouldn’t be able to gather information about a specific good independently.

Central to this revolution is the recognition that new purchasing paths must be accessible anytime and anywhere; and in turn these new paths result in complex Consumer-driven journeys across multiple channels. For most Retailers, there is a complex landscape of heterogeneous IT systems that needs to be integrated to deliver multi-channel experience.

Bizeta responds to these demands by proposing VISION Channel Manager – a multi-channel hub designed to simplify the integration work required in the creation of multi-channel processes of heterogeneous systems.


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