Suite AutoID

A software solution that simplifies logistics, shipping and warehouse management.

AutoID is an application for Android™ and Windows PDAs that assists with in-store merchandise handling, stock and labeling operations, and that’s not all.  It can also be easily integrated with existing Retail POS software. The software allows users to speed up and optimize tasks before, during and after sales transactions by taking the task out of the employee’s hands and letting the PDA do all the work, thereby reducing stock errors and breakages. With AutoID, the end customer is assured a better shopping experience, securing their loyalty thanks to improved services and in-store assistance from members of staff, who can constantly provide updated and accurate information.


Inventory management

  • Use in offline mode
  • Sequential or quantity-based barcode scanning
  • Alerts stating an article has already been scanned or is unknown
  • Display showing scanned information (article, barcode, description, numbering/size and model)
  • Additional confidential information (stock, purchase cost, sale price, authorized member of staff, manager or supervisor)
  • Multi-zone and partial stock counts (by area, product category, class, department)
  • Open-door inventory
  • Creation of digital documents
  • Handling of multiple document types (sales, customer returns, shop transfers, …)
  • Information about recipient and protocol (point of sale, customer, supplier…)
  • Display showing total cost, price and total quantity
  • Goods not handled
  • On-site document creation

Digital document checks

  • Verification via barcode reader
  • Instant visual comparison
  • Articles grouped into categories
  • Option to only display items with different quantities
  • Goods not handled

 Option to set up barcode label printing

  • Verification via barcode reader
  • Immediate label printing (when scanning garments, thereby removing the risk of attribution errors)
  • Primary labels in local currency
  • Sales and promotions (showing the original price crossed out and the lowered one highlighted, with an updated barcode)
  • Portable printer

Online stock-checking features

  • Instant verification via barcodes
  • Departmental assistance
  • More information provided to staff
  • Alternative product suggestions
  • Reduction in lost sales


Mobile and omni-channel retail for a changing world

Following the latest global events, the public who is progressively returning to stores shows never-before-seen characteristics. Once again, technology can come to the aid of Retailers, anticipating needs, and engaging an increasingly multi-faceted clientele.

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In our previous article, we have identified the possible new trends for 2021. But there is another trend that, while surely not having appeared on the scene during the most recent months, precisely at this time is becoming increasingly popular: and this trend is “athleisure”.

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Paid memberships and digital identity to trace articles. These seem to be the main trends to inaugurate the year which has just started. Fashion retailers, basically, are in search of new ways to remain in step with the significant changes underway.

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The future of Retail – international shopping and humanization of technology

A 2020 influenced by lockdowns and a pandemic approaches its end. Fashion experts, while processing the usual year-end evaluations, notice how, in any case, Fashion is completely able to respond to crisis. Innovation, internationalization and omnichannel are the keywords to intercept the consumption habits for the years to come.

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The new tax system in Italy, from the ‘Sales Receipts Lottery’ to telematic cash registers

For months now there has been talk of the Sales Receipts Lottery, a prize contest to begin next year. The lottery is part of the larger framework of the Italian tax reform, which also calls for telematic payment transmission to the Italian Revenue Agency by all merchants. A revolution which will also naturally concern Retail tied to the world of Fashion.

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The new online Luxury platforms

On more than one occasion we have brought to light how omni-channel and digitalization strategies have become at this point essential factors for businesses in Fashion. This time, though, we will take on the theme from another perspective, highlighting how Retail and the institutional and educational world look with interest to the mix between high-end fashion and digital innovation.

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