Retail Profit Protection

Advanced tools to identify fraud, minimize losses, protect profits in the context of a retail Sales Location network.

Our advanced tools for Retail Profit Protection, offered in partnership with IntelliQ, are created to minimize losses, protect profits and maximize revenues in the context of a network of retail stores, thanks to the identification of commercial behaviors that are fraudulent, irregular, anomalous and non-compliant with procedures.

Thanks to sophisticated algorithms of forensic analysis and advanced data-mining technologies regarding data from the Sales Locations network (register transactions, stock movements, …) these tools, intuitive but powerful and flexible – offer Retailers a complete view of the main causes in cash and inventory differences.

Bizeta Retail Solutions proposes a cloud-based solution, which, in addition to maximum Security, offers: 

  • Powerful analysis functions able to highlight a wide case system of anomalies
  • Summary dashboards and detailed analytical views
  • Various types of pre-defined reports, available in real-time or to be scheduled, also exportable in Excel
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • High moderate TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and an extremely fast ROI (Return on Investment)


The commercial staff of Bizeta Retail Solutions is at your complete disposal to give you any information about our solutions.


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