A software solution that simplifies logistics, shipping and warehouse management.

ID-STORE is an application for Android™ and Windows PDAs that assists with in-store merchandise handling, stock and labeling operations, and that’s not all.  It can also be easily integrated with existing Retail POS software. The software allows users to speed up and optimize tasks before, during and after sales transactions by taking the task out of the employee’s hands and letting the PDA do all the work, thereby reducing stock errors and breakages. With ID-STORE, the End User is assured a better shopping experience, thanks to improved services and assistance from members of staff, who can constantly provide updated and accurate information.


Inventory management

  • Use in offline mode
  • Sequential or quantity-based barcode scanning
  • Alerts stating an article has already been scanned or is unknown
  • Display showing scanned information (article, barcode, description, numbering/size and model)
  • Additional information (stock level, purchase cost, sale price, unmoved goods)
  • Multi-zone and partial stock counts (by shelf, area, product category, class, department, …)
  • Open-door inventory
  • Creation of digital documents
  • Handling of multiple document types (sales, customer returns, shop transfers, …)
  • Information about recipient and protocol (point of sale, Customer, Supplier…)

Digital document checks

  • Verification via barcode reader
  • Instant visual comparison
  • Articles grouped into categories
  • Option to only display items with different quantities
  • Goods not handled

 Option to set up barcode label printing

  • Verification via barcode reader
  • Immediate label printing (when scanning garments, thereby removing the risk of attribution errors)
  • Labels in local currency
  • Sales and promotions (showing the original price crossed out and the lowered one highlighted, with an updated barcode)

Online stock-checking features

  • Instant verification via barcodes
  • Departmental assistance
  • More information provided to staff
  • Alternative product suggestions
  • Reduction in lost sales


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