Words re-found – Fashion & Luxury rediscover written and spoken communication

In a countertrend with the latest news from last season, Fashion goes beyond image and begins to communicate once again in a “literary” manner

If last year we witnessed a significant use of video and streaming platforms, during recent times communication in Fashion & Luxury has, in part, slowed down its race to experimentation, re-discovering the pure value of words.

From videos and streaming to campaigns made up only of text

In a previous article on our blog, we commented on the desire for innovation that had hit communication in Fashion. At the time, we detected how this trend had a strong technological characteristic, involving video and streaming platforms, as well as digital communities. Now, instead, we find ourselves facing a new trend, to a certain extent in countertrend with that from last summer: it seems, in fact, that Fashion & Luxury has decided to bring words back to the forefront.

Several brands have implemented an actual literary turning point, resorting to campaigns made up only of words. A rediscovery of the use of the written word, whose composition is entrusted to important representatives of the literary world. The individual texts of writers and poets become basically the new communicative manifesto of the fashion houses.

There are also those who challenge the “domain” of the social networks launching their own digital magazine, in turn, therefore, going against the tide. An online magazine that is nonetheless interactive, where images and videos are plentiful, but which in any case represents a renewed approach to good old, printed paper.

Clubhouse and Instagram Live Rooms: words travel on social media

Audio-based social media platforms are instead more in line with the recent digital callings, but with words always in the center. Actual trends of the moment, platforms led by the already very popular Clubhouse have been immediately noticed by Fashion. The audio-only network has the advantage of not being directed to an audience made up only of teenagers, like TikTok for example, but above all leaving room for more in-depth analysis.

So, the value of content returns to the forefront: the big brands do not risk missing out on it and rely on a trend that increasingly gains substance. This format also ensures that conversations do not revolve only around topics that are strictly about fashion, but which also apply to issues of inclusivity and recent events.

Whether it is proprietary platforms, podcasts or the new service of Live Rooms by Instagram, feature that makes it possible to go live with 4 users, the return to words has, therefore, caught on. The use of voices that seems to have achieved a double fundamental objective: creating engagement and showing that Luxury brands have something really important to say.

The content recovery we have just spoken about is obviously a symptom of a desire to place what really counts centerstage, once again. A philosophy that Bizeta has mastered for almost forty years, offering solutions that truly provide an added value to their customers.


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