Strategies and technologies to protect profits in Retail

Retailers have learned that, to best manage inventory surplus, a specific strategy must be developed, it is no longer enough to simply lower prices. This specific case, actually, is linked to the wider and more complex issue of profit protection.

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Inventory management and the future of returns in Retail: the importance of efficient logistics

The mutated international context imposes logistics and increasingly efficient inventory management, while the world of fashion (and Retail in general) wonders about the sustainability of free returns. Bizeta’s ID-STORE is the ideal solution for this new scenario.

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Dark stores: the future of commerce in the era of fluidity?

Dark stores, retail outlets reconverted into warehouses to face the needs of e-commerce, are a phenomenon known for some time now. However, for a few months, word has been that they are the post-pandemic future. Let us see how realistic this forecast is.

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Logistics hubs and social media shopping: the future of customer experience

The fashion industry has reached a historic turning point: stores are becoming increasingly digital, technological and web-based.

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Store management in Retail Industry

Relaying on technology in order to optimize the resources: the advantages of a good store management

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