The return of ‘next-gen’ materials in Fashion & Luxury

We have been focusing on innovative materials for Fashion & Luxury for two years now. Despite the difficulties experienced in 2022, so-called ‘next-gen’ materials open to new and interesting prospects.

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Inventory management and the future of returns in Retail: the importance of efficient logistics

The mutated international context imposes logistics and increasingly efficient inventory management, while the world of fashion (and Retail in general) wonders about the sustainability of free returns. Bizeta’s ID-STORE is the ideal solution for this new scenario.

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A green index for Fashion & Luxury

In this magazine we have always keep you updated on all the latest fashion news on sustainability. So, we just couldn’t not let you know about the new green index that will involve the entire industry within the EU.

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Sustainability in Italian Fashion & Luxury

Exactly one year ago we reported on the opening of an innovative hub dedicated to recycling in Finland. Now, it is Italy who is realizing a similar structure, carving out a leading role in sustaining circular fashion in the European Union.

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Low impact rental and Circular Fashion

A few months ago, we asked ourselves whether clothing rental was a sustainable practice for Fashion & Luxury or whether it could lead to negative consequences. An analysis by Rent the Runway seems now to lean towards the first option. Beyond the specific cases, new studies show how Fashion is increasing circular.

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Clothing rental: sustainable or impactful for Fashion?

We barely have a chance to comment on the success of secondhand that a new trend, to a certain point similar, is already earning the limelight. Opinions on platforms for renting clothes are not uniform as is common in some other cases.

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Innovative materials and recycled yarns: the new frontier of sustainability for Fashion & Luxury

Recycled materials, obtained from corn scraps or from the roots of mushrooms: green economy applied to Fashion & Luxury finds increasingly surprising ways toward a complete ecological turning point. The reduction of waste and eco-sustainable production is by now an obligation.

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The priorities for Luxury post-2020

Structure of the collection, development process of the product, supply, sustainability, and planning&logistics: these are the five pillars on which the Luxury industry will organize its relaunch. A recent study by Sistema Moda Italia explains the type of world awaiting us in the near future.

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Fashion and sustainability – A new era for Luxury

The fashion sector has one of the most complex supply chains in the world, and professional solutions are a necessity when managing this delicate logistics phase.

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