Sample Management System and Incentive Management System: the new solutions by Bizeta

Bizeta Retail Solutions offers to its customers two new, innovative cloud-based solutions created by its partner ORO Consulting: “KinCloud – Sample Management System”, for managing sample movements, and “KinCloud – Incentive Management System”, for incentives for retail stores staff. Let’s see how they are structured.

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Back from Forum Retail 2023

Planet and Bizeta Retail Solutions partecipated together at the trade fair that hosted the best innovations for Retail: Bizeta presented OneStore, the new mobile, cloud, omni-channel, service-based software platform that is highly innovative, versatile and configurable.

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Bizeta Retail Solutions and Planet together at Forum Retail 2023

On Thursday 26 October, Bizeta Retail Solutions and Planet will participate together at Forum Retail 2023, the must-attend trade fair that hosts the best innovations from Italy and the world in the largest Experience & Networking Hub for the Retail community.

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High-spending consumers even more prone to Retail purchases in 2024

Forty percent of “True-Luxury” consumers, or those who spend at least Euro 5,000 each year on luxury goods, expects to increase their purchases in 2024. It is the latest survey by Altagamma to illustrate a very positive picture for such customers.

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What do consumers want from the Metaverse? Experiences rooted in the physical world!

The Metaverse cannot be ignored, and it is believed that its value will grow significantly. A recent survey reveals, though, how consumers continue to be firmly tied to “physical experiences”.

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The Bizeta white paper series – Omni-channel: for future-proof Retail

The world of fashion and luxury proves itself to be always more significantly and irreversibly Omni-channel. It is specifically to the blending of physical and virtual, to the consistent monitoring of every sales channel that we dedicate this insight.

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Retail trends for 2023: empathy and efficient supply chain

The earliest trends identified for this 2023 look at users on one hand, and at Retail operators on the other. In the first case, the importance of establishing a human connection emerges, the strategic weight of upgrading the supply chain.

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Back from NRF 2023 – New York

Taking part in the 2023 edition of NRF, New York’s Retail trade fair, represented an extremely interesting and thrilling opportunity for someone who, like us at Bizeta Retail Solutions, operates actively in this industry on an international level.

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The newest edition of Bizeta Retail Solutions Magazine

This year, we’d like to give you a gift: the Bizeta Magazine, an opportunity to relive the newest 2022 trends. The newest edition is focused on Omni-channel, on the blending of physical and virtual, on the consistent monitoring of every sales channel.

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Omni-channel approach and phygital services for future-proof Retail

A future-proof business model requires various elements: a holistic approach, a visionary strategy and continuous renewal of resources. With the suitable technological measures, even such an ambitious project is absolutely achievable.

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Physical Retail through acknowledgements and developments

The most important names in international luxury have started investing again in physical Retail, both in Italy and abroad. At the same time, we are witnessing the birth of new store formats: from the launch of the “brick-and-mortar” of e-commerce giants to the experimentation of very original stores.

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Fashion of the future: technology and omnichannel

On one hand, Fashion & Luxury intends to double its investments in technology by 2030. On the other, the very young seem to still be fond of the physical store. In this coexistence between innovation and tradition, it is important to be mobile and omnichannel.

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