Simone Borgheresi is the new Chief Commercial Officer of Bizeta

Bizeta Retail Solutions, one of the most innovative companies in the development of software solutions dedicated to the Retail sector, is pleased to introduce its new Chief Commercial Officer, Simone Borgheresi: an exciting new phase of success begins.

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Bizeta Retail Solutions is a member of Comufficio and AssoSoftware

Bizeta is an active member of two strong and influential associations that provide it with even more credibility and visibility, and brings the company – and its customers and partners – significant advantages and opportunities.

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A new Italian tax system comes into force

Based on the new tax regulations in Italy, retailers and businesses will have to transmit their daily takings to the Italian Internal Revenue Agency for the sale of goods and services with VAT applied.

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GDPR – key points about the data processing law

The more tools we employ to collect and use consumer data, the greater the risk to customer privacy.

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Big Data: a fundamental resource for companies

“Big Data” means to the practice of using the technology to analyze precisely the data on market trends, or on consumer behavior.
This data may include information and very valuable results for companies, which can then decide to invest, for example, in new markets, or modify certain aspects of production, or investing in various technological equipment.

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Use of technology in Customer Retention

Customer Retention is a term used in the Retail world to indicate all those practices and strategies that help  to maintain a stable and long-term relationship with the customer. This type of activity is one of the most difficult challenges for companies, but plays a key role because an engaged customer represents a considerable economic advantage.

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Digital-first Retail for web-influenced sales

Digital-first Retail is an expression that shows how much customer experience is increasingly influenced by digital channels, no matter where the latest conversion takes place. Most in-store sales start indeed from online: according to some surveys, more than half of sales in the physical store involve a digital device and are therefore web-influenced.

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IT4Fashion: when the Fashion & Luxury entrust itself to technology

​​​​​​​Update and comparison with 2017 Edition of the IT4Fashion Congress in Florence

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Store management in Retail Industry

Relaying on technology in order to optimize the resources: the advantages of a good store management

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The commercial staff of Bizeta Retail Solutions is at your complete disposal to give you any information about our solutions.


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