The future of Retail – international shopping and humanization of technology

A 2020 influenced by lockdowns and a pandemic approaches its end. Fashion experts, while processing the usual year-end evaluations, notice how, in any case, Fashion is completely able to respond to crisis. Innovation, internationalization and omnichannel are the keywords to intercept the consumption habits for the years to come.

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The new tax system in Italy, from the ‘Sales Receipts Lottery’ to telematic cash registers

For months now there has been talk of the Sales Receipts Lottery, a prize contest to begin next year. The lottery is part of the larger framework of the Italian tax reform, which also calls for telematic payment transmission to the Italian Revenue Agency by all merchants. A revolution which will also naturally concern Retail tied to the world of Fashion.

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Digital innovation and a return to physical shopping: the rebirth of Fashion

It has been a difficult 2020, but luxury brands are already looking to 2021, ready for a successful restart after the COVID-19 pandemic. Brands will be required to strengthen their online presence once and for all – although strategic experts do agree that nothing will be able to replace in-store reality. It is clear that an omnichannel approach can provide a valid solution.

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Engagement, uniqueness and sustainability: the demand of young generations for a transparent fashion industry

Custom UX and personalized messages are not the only key features – environmental awareness and a strong ethical culture have also become paramount. When brands operating in the fashion and luxury goods industry embark on the mission to reach out to and win over the younger parts of the population, they must first learn to identify the latest trends sweeping across the globe.

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Video, Social Media and community for a new Fashion and Luxury communication

Podcasts, video platforms, live streaming and massive use of Social Media: the Fashion & Luxury industry is exploiting the entire range of digital communication technology. The goal is reaching increasingly broader audiences, whilst experimenting more effective engagement methods.

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Fashion & Luxury and the race into virtual reality

The cancellation of major events, the forced closure of stores and the restrictions still in force pushed Fashion and Luxury on a race into the virtual world beyond all expectations. And all areas of the sector are reinventing themselves with creative ideas and technological innovation.

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Fashion and sustainability – A new era for Luxury

The fashion sector has one of the most complex supply chains in the world, and professional solutions are a necessity when managing this delicate logistics phase.

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NRF 2020: our general considerations

NRF 2020 has shown that Retail is full of energy, it still has a lot to offer. Here are our impressions of the world’s number one Retail event.

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Business automation and content intelligence

Next year numerous retailers won’t have sufficient resources to manage the increase in data: how to remain competitive on the market?

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Europe, Italy and E-commerce: Who buys online?

A small report on the characteristics and trends of e-commerce users, based on the results of some research conducted by Eurostat and SSI (Survey Sampling International Market Research Institute).

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Electronic payments: 5 advantages for Retail

Cashless payment offers important benefits for retailers and commercial businesses, which are increasingly entrusting to the digital world in order to improve the management of the store, the services and the customer experience.

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