Fashion of the future: technology and omnichannel

On one hand, Fashion & Luxury intends to double its investments in technology by 2030. On the other, the very young seem to still be fond of the physical store. In this coexistence between innovation and tradition, it is important to be mobile and omnichannel.

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Low impact rental and Circular Fashion

A few months ago, we asked ourselves whether clothing rental was a sustainable practice for Fashion & Luxury or whether it could lead to negative consequences. An analysis by Rent the Runway seems now to lean towards the first option. Beyond the specific cases, new studies show how Fashion is increasing circular.

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Clothing rental: sustainable or impactful for Fashion?

We barely have a chance to comment on the success of secondhand that a new trend, to a certain point similar, is already earning the limelight. Opinions on platforms for renting clothes are not uniform as is common in some other cases.

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Big Data, A.I. and Profit Protection at the service of Fashion and Luxury

On one hand, Big Data to predict trends, guide marketing strategies and maximize sales; on the other, artificial intelligence to collect, filter and analyze an almost unlimited amount of information. The algorithms are by now a key element in the industry of Fashion and Luxury: Bizeta’s Profit Protection is a perfect example of this.

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Vintage and secondhand Apps and platforms: the rebirth of Fashion also goes through Resale

Depop, Vinted, Like New… the rise of Apps and website for reselling used clothing seems to be, for a few months now, unstoppable. Beyond the unbelievable successful cases of several former startups, at the basis of this phenomenon there are well-consolidated trends and expectations.

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Dark stores: the future of commerce in the era of fluidity?

Dark stores, retail outlets reconverted into warehouses to face the needs of e-commerce, are a phenomenon known for some time now. However, for a few months, word has been that they are the post-pandemic future. Let us see how realistic this forecast is.

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Direct Retail and on-line presence: brands look towards end customers

Wholesale or Direct Retail? A strategic choice that has been playing a major role for years in the Fashion world has recently found a much clearer response than usual. The latest global events have, in fact, pushed producers to favor direct relationships with customers.

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The new online Luxury platforms

On more than one occasion we have brought to light how omni-channel and digitalization strategies have become at this point essential factors for businesses in Fashion. This time, though, we will take on the theme from another perspective, highlighting how Retail and the institutional and educational world look with interest to the mix between high-end fashion and digital innovation.

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Digital innovation and a return to physical shopping: the rebirth of Fashion

It has been a difficult 2020, but luxury brands are already looking to 2021, ready for a successful restart after the COVID-19 pandemic. Brands will be required to strengthen their online presence once and for all – although strategic experts do agree that nothing will be able to replace in-store reality. It is clear that an omnichannel approach can provide a valid solution.

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Fashion & Luxury and the race into virtual reality

The cancellation of major events, the forced closure of stores and the restrictions still in force pushed Fashion and Luxury on a race into the virtual world beyond all expectations. And all areas of the sector are reinventing themselves with creative ideas and technological innovation.

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Fashion and logistics – the challenges of international data management

The fashion sector has one of the most complex supply chains in the world, and professional solutions are a necessity when managing this delicate logistics phase.

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Beauty and its resilience – an inspiring model

Thanks to its past experiences and “secrets”, the Beauty sector is managing the COVID post-lockdown period.

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