digital transformation

Video, Social Media and community for a new Fashion and Luxury communication

Podcasts, video platforms, live streaming and massive use of Social Media: the Fashion & Luxury industry is exploiting the entire range of digital communication technology. The goal is reaching increasingly broader audiences, whilst experimenting more effective engagement methods.

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Fashion & Luxury and the race into virtual reality

The cancellation of major events, the forced closure of stores and the restrictions still in force pushed Fashion and Luxury on a race into the virtual world beyond all expectations. And all areas of the sector are reinventing themselves with creative ideas and technological innovation.

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Fashion and logistics – the challenges of international data management

The fashion sector has one of the most complex supply chains in the world, and professional solutions are a necessity when managing this delicate logistics phase.

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Beauty and its resilience – an inspiring model

Thanks to its past experiences and “secrets”, the Beauty sector is managing the COVID post-lockdown period.

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Logistics hubs and social media shopping: the future of customer experience

The fashion industry has reached a historic turning point: stores are becoming increasingly digital, technological and web-based.

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Double your turnover with an omni-channel strategy

Analyzing the impact of the pandemic on the fashion sectors shows that an omni-channel approach is the winning strategy.

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Recovery in a post-COVID world will require an online, omni-channel approach

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the fate of the fashion & luxury sector has been somewhat determined by COVID-19 this year. But after analyzing the situation more accurately, it appears the sector may be able to avoid closing the financial year with a loss.

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Technology for the Fashion and Luxury industry – how IT solutions are revolutionizing Retail

In difficult times such as these, it is becoming increasingly obvious that new technology has an important role to play in guaranteeing business continuity.

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Business automation and content intelligence

Next year numerous retailers won’t have sufficient resources to manage the increase in data: how to remain competitive on the market?

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Why the future of retail belongs to Visual Discovery

Retailers have just begun to understand and exploit the potential of Visual Discovery. But what exactly is it?

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A new Italian tax system comes into force

Based on the new tax regulations in Italy, retailers and businesses will have to transmit their daily takings to the Italian Internal Revenue Agency for the sale of goods and services with VAT applied.

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5 Retail trends for 2018

2018 will look like a year full of speed, technology and continuous evolution. Retailers must keep pace with the times to emerge in the Fahion&Luxury market and to grow their business.

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