Retail trends for 2023: empathy and efficient supply chain

Recent reports by two prominent companies point out possible dominant trends for the new year

The earliest trends identified for this 2023 look at users on one hand, and at Retail operators on the other. In the first case, the importance of establishing a human connection emerges, the strategic weight of upgrading the supply chain.

Consumers and the significance of personal relationships

Loyalty will be won over with personal relationships, operational efficiency will no longer be sufficient. This is the main result of the “Global Consumer Trend 2023” published by Qualtrics, American company listed on the Nasdaq and specialized in experience management solutions. The analysis includes interviews to 33,000 consumers from 29 countries: among these, approximately 1,200 are Italian.

Regarding customer interactions, the study reports that the presence of a helpful agent has a greater impact on customer satisfaction compared to short wait times. In Italy, interacting with a staff member who is empathetic has a significant bearing on the overall experience with a specific brand. An important statement, in other words, for a business model where the physical store takes on an even more essential role.

Updating the supply chain: a must for Retailers

The “Retail Industry Forecast” by Deloitte, instead, shifts attention to another crucial point. The report has involved 50 leaders in the Retail industry, asking them about challenges and opportunities they see in the year that has just begun and, as a result, strategies they have planned. In a context characterized by demanding choices and changes, what emerges is the need to streamline supplies and logistics.

Seventy percent of those interviewed by Deloitte has, in fact, declared that issues with the supply chain will have an impact on growth in 2023. To face this changing scenario, four/fifths of the managers expects, then, to make “moderate” to “significant” investments during the year to modernize their supply chain.

Bizeta solutions: always in line with new trends

The technologies that Bizeta Retail Solutions has fine-tuned for some time now, once again meet the needs of those appearing like the coming trends. The consumer-oriented and frictionless approach recommended by the Qualtrics study finds an answer, in fact, in Vision Commerce Suite, the complete and customizable solution engaging customers at the store, and in Gemini, the architecture to make every POS application mobile and omni-channel.

And for the Retailers who, according to the survey by Deloitte, must modernize the supply chain, what better solution than ID-STORE, the application that simplifies logistics, shipments and warehouse. Perfect software for goods-handling, inventory and labeling at the store, and much more. In other words, 2023 will, too, be a year in the name of technological evolution, significant support in Retail processes.


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