OneStore and the new forms of Retail: a total experience

The new store? It only works if it can offer a complete experience, without borders between the physical and the digital

Between the physical store and the online store there no longer is a break in continuity. It is precisely thanks to this integration that many brands have obtained excellent results regardless of the pandemic. OneStore by Bizeta is the Retail solution that goes right in this direction.

The new store and the “seamless” experience

The store and the e-commerce world are now complementary. This is one of the principal considerations which have come up on occasion of the last “Fashion e-commerce summit” which took place in July. During the event, the importance to no longer use silo mentality, because the experience now is “seamless” between online and offline, was discussed and the habits of consumers, many of whom have arrived to the physical from the digital, prove just this. Offering everyone personalized services, that range from pick-up at store locations to geo-localization, has become necessary.

The one-to-one dialog in the sign of omni-channel is the main signature style of the new forms of Retail. Click and collect, exchanges via WhatsApp and video calls for remote purchases are just some of the services around which sales location organization in step with the times is structured. A process that must be fluid and allow various shipping and purchasing options, at the same time, the payment formulas available cannot be anything but flexible.

OneStore: the platform that creates a bridge between the digital world and the store

When the current situation was far from imaginable, Bizeta had already offered a solution in line with the trends we have just seen: OneStore. A highly innovative and flexible platform, configurable according to the needs of every brand or retailer and in line with the omni-channel approach of the new stores.

The suite is versatile and suitable to every type of commercial formula, from franchising to direct selling. All the sales functions can be used also on mobile and online devices, the touch interface is intuitive for personnel and the logistics and warehouse processes can also be used on all devices, in real time.

For Retail that is renewed and requires an experience without borders, OneStore by Bizeta is the technology that provides every necessary function.


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