The new tax system in Italy, from the ‘Sales Receipts Lottery’ to telematic cash registers

After various extensions, on January 1st, 2021 finally the telematic reform will be complete, with the latest measures coming into effect

For months now there has been talk of the Sales Receipts Lottery, a prize contest to begin next year. The lottery is part of the larger framework of the Italian tax reform, which also calls for telematic payment transmission to the Italian Revenue Agency by all merchants. A revolution which will also naturally concern Retail tied to the world of Fashion.

An initiative in favor of the digitalization of payments

The Sales Receipts Lottery is one of the most interesting aspects of the new Italian tax system. An important occasion for the entire trade industry, universally involving both customers and Retail operators. Purchases made in the physical sales location, particularly if made in “cashless” mode, make it possible, in fact, to win important prizes. The contest is basically an anti-evasion initiative, with the goal of motivating the act of issuing Commercial Sales Documents, and pro-traceability, to promote the use of electronic payments. Let’s take a detailed look at how it works.

All citizens and residents over the age of 18 in Italy can participate in the lottery: the prize contest is free. Every purchase made over 1 Euro will emit a virtual ticket for each Euro spent, up to a maximum of 1,000 tickets per individual purchase. At the purchase, the client will have to provide the store owner with his own “Lottery code”, which will be matched with the receipt.

Lottery code, portal, and prizes

The Lottery Code can be obtained by accessing the public area of the “Lottery Portal”. It is an alphanumeric code that, once generated, can be printed or saved to a mobile device (also in barcode format), so as to be shown to the Retailer at the time the transaction takes place. The Lottery Portal also includes a reserved area (accessible through SPID- Public Digital Identity System, Fisconline/Entratel Revenue Agency credentials or National Card for Services) in which the Shopper can carry out numerous operations, such as check the number of virtual tickets associated to an individual Commercial Sales Document, verify winnings and check expiration dates for claiming prizes.

Speaking of prizes, weekly, monthly, and yearly drawings are expected, they are then further divided into two different series: “ordinary” and “zero cash”. The former calls for a maximum annual prize in the amount of 1 million Euro, but the latter guarantees much greater amounts and will also reward the merchants issuing the receipt. By always paying electronically, it is possible to have access, for example, to 10 monthly drawings for 100,000 Euro each for customers and 20,000 Euro for the merchants, all the way to an annual drawing which will reward the Shopper with an impressive 5 million Euro and the Retailer with 1 million.

Telematic cash registers and new payment tracking

All these innovations also call for an upgrade in a technical point of view. The firmware of the telematic cash registers will have to, in fact, be updated to receive the functions relative to the lottery. A procedure which inserts itself in another important component of the tax reform, or rather the implementation of the new telematic payment tracking, better known as XML7.

Bizeta always in step with innovation

Whether it be the Sales Receipts Lottery, updating of the firmware or alignment with the new telematic payment tracking, the solutions for the Bizeta store are already prepared to accept all the tax innovations of the impending tax reform. Know-how which comes from the experience obtained from the many foreign tax systems and which will guarantee a top-level shopping experience also in this latest context.


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