A new run for stores and showrooms

In this time of great buzz for Fashion, new concepts in physical store locations also emerge

From flagship stores bringing Made in Italy all over the world to new executive showrooms, all the way to stores once considered solely for selling now becoming actual relational centers. The renewal of Fashion & Luxury also passes through the design of innovative environments.

Flagship stores for Made in Italy in malls all over the world

It may not actually be innovative, but it is, nonetheless, a trend that continues to receive positive feedback. The brands that are Made in Italy continue their expansion opening new flagship stores throughout the globe, with particular attention to the Middle East. The malls in this area are, in fact, always more crucial to international and exclusive shopping.

Recent inaugurations show, basically, that regardless of the difficulties associated with the pandemic, a careful outlook towards the market can still lead to a situation of growth. Versatile selections and ample space for collections with multiple styles and personality do the rest, giving us sales locations with guaranteed success.

The new showrooms: inclusive and with customers at the center

In addition to traditional stores, other location types are also being renewed. On one hand, we find executive showrooms that best narrate the history and collections of a brand, offering a wide range of well-researched assortments. Environments created to be inclusive, passing through various art forms across the board.

On the other hand, we meet spaces that reflect the identity of a brand, placing customers at the center and looking to integration with on-line and to the presentation of innovative textiles. The objective is that of building an authentic showcase that communicates the values of the fashion house in a strategic manner.

The final evolution is, therefore, represented by fashion hubs. Locations that do not limit themselves simply to housing the offices of businesses, but which offer themselves as incubators of ideas giving young talents a platform. Projects with an international calling hosting laboratories, shows, exhibits, meetings, and events, becoming synonymous with excitement and creativity.

Wholesale in radical transformation

Still on the subject, we are also back to talking about wholesale, after we had actually touched on the topic in one of our previous articles. The findings from the most recent studies confirm those from a few months ago: the multi-brand model is not at all outdated, it must just go through a change phase to evolve and continue onto a new course.

Thanks to its diversification for model and dimensions in the various markets, wholesale continues, in fact, to play an important role. For example, it fills a significant void by serving the smallest markets, where Direct Retail shows several limitations due specifically to its own business model. The function of multi-brand is, therefore, once again destined to cover a considerable position.

Here, therefore, the physical store is made to evolve, transforming itself from a location that is exclusively operational to relational. The store of the future becomes basically international, versatile and with the customer at its center: all features that Bizeta suites support right from their planning.


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