Mobile and omni-channel retail for a changing world

The recent international situation has deeply transformed consumers. New customer profiles emerge, each with its own distinctive characteristics

Following the latest global events, the public who is progressively returning to stores shows never-before-seen characteristics. Once again, technology can come to the aid of Retailers, anticipating needs, and engaging an increasingly multi-faceted clientele.

Customer motivation as a basis for their segmentation

Buying habits have been deeply affected by the pandemic and the lockdowns associated with it, this is certainly no mystery. Beyond the often-cited dichotomy between on-line and off-line, it would be interesting to observe the behavior of those who have returned to physical stores after all these months. A recent study in the MIT Sloan Management Review moves precisely in this direction.

The study by MIT first identifies five types of consumers based on their motivation. It goes from the “functional shoppers”, loyal to familiar environments, but in any case, very willing to experiment with something new (especially if discounted), to the interactive “diversion shoppers” and to the super-pragmatic “reluctant shoppers”. In between, there are the “tactile shoppers”, on the lookout for real experiences after an “overdose” of on-line activity, and the “experiential shoppers”, for which shopping is an event in and of itself.

The new purchasing behaviors in the desire for routine and for experimentation

The search, nonetheless, does not stop here. All five segments, in fact, are further outlined based on different attitudinal and demographic variables. What emerges is that the “functional shoppers” look for ease of movement both in the physical environments as well as virtual ones, focusing on an omni-channel experience, just like “reluctant shoppers” want their shopping activity to be absolutely “frictionless”.

Tactile shoppers” and “experiential shoppers” juggle their own vision of customer experience through visual wealth and quality, new discoveries and social interactions. We complete the lineup with the “diversion shoppers”, who are concentrated on the values of enjoyment and the attention they are provided.

It is by now evident, therefore, how an already heterogeneous public tends further towards segmentation. For Retailers, it is ever more complex to intercept a new public that unanimously, no matter how varied, expects a shopping experience without obstacles and is devoted, by nature, to the concept of personalization.

Bizeta’s Gemini: the Mobile and omni-channel solution for Retail in transformation

To satisfy needs in such a dynamic context, Bizeta responds with Gemini, the software that with great ease makes almost any existing POS application Mobile. A solution thanks to which Retail sales become flexible and efficient, both on tablets and smartphones. Furthermore: Gemini also simplifies interaction with other Retail software, such as ERP, E-commerce, and CRM, therefore adopting a real omni-channel point of view.

Gemini is technologically advanced, operating on on-premise/in-cloud and offers a wide selection of functions thanks to a thorough set of API (Application Programming Interface), which can be used both through a native Mobile App (available for iOS/Android, possibly even third party), and through any web browser. The software makes it possible to easily manage not only the sale, but also promotions, loyalty programs and much more.

Gemini architecture, based on micro-services, offers remarkably high performance, and makes it possible to personalize front-end POS easily and quickly, adapting to every specific need; furthermore, it guarantees maximum flexibility in the integration with various other Retail solutions.

In closing, Gemini is a rapidly customizable and multi-language application, supporting Mobile and omni-channel sales that can be highly personalized and are “compliant” with the tax systems of a great number of countries throughout the world. What we are looking at is a perfect solution for a modern, fluid and obstacle-free shopping experience.


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