The success of minimalist stores in physical Retail

A new trend looks out onto the world of Retail: that of staging sober and sophisticated environments

A few weeks ago, we analyzed the emerging of new hyper-stimulating formats packed with experiences when it comes to physical stores. This time we are dealing with a trend that is the complete opposite: that of minimalist stores.

The new minimalist concept

The great brands renew their style in a chic and minimalist direction, also in the stores located in the heart of the capitals of luxury. A concept that leaves out furnishings and accessories that are too heavy and lavish, opting instead for a more sophisticated offer.

Unique and elegant locations, with a design that is purged of the excesses, noble materials and a more gathered atmosphere. The new path reflects the rationalization carried out by various companies, but that does not necessarily need to completely eliminate their most eccentric and innovative character, when present in the DNA of a brand.

Pop-up stores and uncontaminated nature

This trend goes well then with a reference to nature. A combination, as we can see, that is applied particularly in some pop-up stores, where minimal and sophisticated spaces benefit from warm tones and the use of organic materials.

Natural fabrics, wood, colors and fragrances that bring us back to beaches and the sea: this type of store has without a doubt the power to evoke pleasant and relaxing atmospheres. A style that is, once again, sought-after, that certainly is perfect to be replicated over a network of international dimensions.

OneStore: the platform for every type of store

The types of stores are numerous and varied, but all find the perfect tool in OneStore for their management. OneStore is Bizeta’s innovative, flexible and technologically advanced Retail software platform. A solution that takes advantage of the potential of the digital world to radically improve the performance of the store.

Usable also on mobile devices and online, it is intuitive, applicable to every type of Retail and can be integrated with any pre-existing technological system. Additionally, OneStore manages logistics and inventory over all devices in real time. A suite that basically makes it possible to implement a true omni-channel strategy.


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