Marketing automation: a great resource for Retail

New software for communication strategies

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation means using particular software to automate marketing processes, such as customer segmentation, campaign management, and customer data management.

Marketing automation, in practice, makes automated those processes that would otherwise be carried out manually, making them more efficient and faster. This new type of marketing, if used in the right way, can increase online and offline sales by communicating more efficiently with customers.

4 ways to use marketing automation tools to your advantage?


Through well-planned newsletters, it will be much easier and more effective to stimulate customers to visit the point of sale, possibly offering special opportunities and loyalty programs. E-mail marketing campaigns can in fact be targeted and personalized depending on the target that you want to reserve a particular offer.


Another advantage is to be able to communicate directly and actively with your customers: providing information about your brand, for example, is a winning method to create a bond with the end consumer.


Data collection is crucial today in the retail world: it’s done automatically, becomes simple, fast and effective. Data collection allows you to know your customers and create customized programs and promotions for more target types, customizing your offer and customer experience.


CRM is the Customer Relationship Management and it is a new way of operating that puts the client and not the product in the business center.

This approach is possible thanks to software and devices that automate and speed up operations that are otherwise impossible to manually run on a large number of customers.

Digital CRM helps the company to identify and to manage customers and potential customers, then implement strategies and activities to meet their needs and expectations.

Bizeta knows the importance of automated marketing for the retail world, for that reason it makes available to its customers VISION BeanStore Engagement, the software specifically designed to involve customers and create attractive deals, in a simple, fast, effective and, above all, automatic way!

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