“Made in Italy” fashion revenues exceed pre-pandemic levels

The Italian fashion industry achieves revenues greater than pre-pandemic levels

During the last edition of Milano Unica, first of the fashion trade fair events in Milan, the Studies Center of Confindustria Moda announced an extraordinary result: overall 2022 industry revenues exceeded Euro 8 billion.

Record revenues for Italian fashion

On the occasion of Milano Unica, trade fair dedicated to textiles and high-end accessories held between late January and early February, the Studies Center of Confindustria Moda presented some very important data. According to preliminary estimates, in fact, the overall 2022 revenues for textile-clothing “Made in Italy” has highlighted an increase of 32.4% compared to the previous year, reaching Euro 8.1 billion.

An outstanding result, especially if compared with the pre-pandemic levels of the years included between 2016 and 2019, which always remained under Euro 8 billion. Compared specifically with 2019, Italian textiles achieved an increase of 7.1%. this double-digit growth concerned all the sector under review, with wool in the lead.

The details of an unstoppable growth

Getting into the details of the report by Confindustria Moda, we notice how wool fabrics, predominant as seen above, represents 35.2% of the “Made in Italy” total. Followed by knitted fabrics, with a 22.8% share, and then cotton textiles, with a 19.5% share. In particular, results show that knitted fabrics (+33.6%), linen textiles (+28.6%) and cotton (+8.6%) exceeded 2019 performance.

Lastly, regarding exports, there was a 31.9% increase, for a total of Euro 4.58 billion. Based on ISTAT (Italian National Institute of Statistics) reports for the period of January to September, 2022, China and Hong Kong combined, with a total of approximately Euro 264 million, make up the first end market for Italian textiles. Followed by France, growing by 36.8% (8.5% of total exports) and Germany, marking an increase of 41.8% (equal to 7.8% of the total).

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