Italian fashion through present and future

Italy, the number one country in the world for luxury according to Deloitte, prepares for the turning point in 2022

According to a study by Deloitte, Italy is the number one country for the number of times it placed among the 100 Top Players of Fashion & Luxury globally. It is the crowning of a year that has seen consumption growing again, in view of a 2022 which is expected to live up to its precursor.

Deloitte: Italy is number one in the ranking for global luxury

This year, too, it is time for the “Global Powers of Luxury Goods”, the study by Deloitte which classifies the 100 Top Players of Fashion & Luxury on a global level. Its eighth edition, based on consolidated sales over the 2020 fiscal year, is extremely flattering for Italy, which is number one for the number of times it has ranked on the charts.

The companies in our country placing among the top 100 are, in fact, 26, followed by 8 French companies. Approximately two-thirds of them operate in the clothing and footwear sectors, while five belong to the bags and accessories category. One of these even places in the top 10 (at the seventh position to be exact), 4 are new entries and 8 have recorded a positive net profit regardless of the pandemic.

Pitti Immagine: Italian fashion shows strong growth during the first 8 months of 2021

The success we have just seen comes with the crowning of an already very positive situation. According to an elaboration by the research facility of Pitti Immagine released in November, in the first 8 months of 2021, the Italian industry of fashion has witnessed a growth of 19% of revenue compared to the same period in 2020.

In further support of this, the data from the research center of the Centro Studi of Confindustria Moda for SMI – Sistema Moda Italia, the textile and fashion federation. Italian men’s fashion is significantly growing once again and commerce with foreign countries is back to being in the black. From January to July 2021, export has, in fact, recorded an increase of 16.4%, for a total of over 3.8 billion Euro.

Altagamma: the turning point for consumption in the luxury sector between 2021 and 2022

Closing on another high note with the 20° Osservatorio Altagamma monitor presented in November at the IBM headquarters in Milan. According to the study, an authentic boost in consumption occurred in 2021, this will most likely be repeated in 2022 as well (even if less significantly). This year has basically highlighted a clear recovery in the global consumption of luxury goods, an industry that represents 7.4% of Italy’s GDP and which, in the last two decades, has grown by 134%.

In Altagamma, they are wagering that the year ahead will be another positive year, even if with a more organic growth and not as accelerated as in 2021. “For personal luxury goods full recovery is recorded with a forecasted market value of 283 billion Euro at 2021, up by 1% compared to 2019”, according to a statement during the event by Claudia D’Arpizio and Federica Levato, Bain & Company experts.

The new year coming up will therefore be rich in new challenges: here at Bizeta we cannot wait to take them on with our always more innovative solutions.


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