A world of connections: the Internet of Things in favor of Retailers

How the Internet of Things is conditioning and transforming the Retail world?

What is the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, also called the Internet of Things or IoT, is a term used to indicate objects, devices and systems connected to the network and between them. A great deal of connections and interconnections, where all connected objects exchange information and data across the network and are able to interact with each other.

The power of this system can afford to connect itself to the outside environment by recovering, processing and transmitting useful data and informations.

Devices that are part of it can be computers, home appliances, cars, furniture items, and any other thing, provided always of specific software to handle this kind of functions.

IoT in Retail

The latest industry studies in America, Europe and Asia have reported important data according to which at least 70% of retailers are ready to dedicate themselves to the Internet of Things to improve customer experience, considers the management of big data for their business and estimates very important the interaction between the customer experience in store and on-line one for the client.
In addition, 90% of retailers will be able to buy online by 2021 and retrieve the in-store product.

The IoT is already used by retailers for a wide range of operations, both in terms of security and marketing, as well as personalization of in-store or online customer experience.

These Retailers’ needs arise from the transformation of the reference audience: the Millennials have highly eclipsed the Baby Boomers and by 2025 they will account for 75% of the global workforce.

The future of IoT

Consumer basket analysis, segmentation and data collection are possible transactions through the Internet of Things, and they can only improve with the evolution of global technology and network.

The future, however, points to the Internet of Everything (IE), or the Internet of all. In fact, as Cisco‘s Chief Futurist Dave Evans says, “The Internet of Things is just one of four dimensions, people, processes, data and things that make up the largest and most integrated world of the Internet of Everything.”

Again, according to Cisco, 99% of people and objects in the world are not connected to the Internet: this is a great capital to invest, taking full advantage of the continuous evolution of technology.

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