Innovative materials and recycled yarns: the new frontier of sustainability for Fashion & Luxury

Today, circular economy represents a cornerstone in environmental policies for Fashion and Luxury brands

Recycled materials, obtained from corn scraps or from the roots of mushrooms: green economy applied to Fashion & Luxury finds increasingly surprising ways toward a complete ecological turning point. The reduction of waste and eco-sustainable production is by now an obligation.

Recycled yarns and recovery of scrap materials: safeguarding the environment is a priority

Brands care about protecting the environment and they are demonstrating this through action. The search for products with a low impact on the eco-system has, in fact, become a constant for the Fashion industry. The use of recycled yarns, or with bio-based materials and local supplies, is starting to become a standard. Organic, recycled cotton, polyester from the PET of plastic bottles and natural fibers like hemp and linen represent consolidated sources.

On one hand, there are those who make warehouse scrap material of textiles and leather, fabric swatches and left-over stock available to businesses and designers, even to competitors. Unused materials can therefore have a second life, especially if sold at accessible prices.

On the other hand, there are those who begin with the analysis of shocking data: each year in the United States 85% of textile products ends up in landfills. A fact that leads to including in one’s own supply chain recycled materials, regenerative agriculture, and circular design, therefore, optimizing production and reducing CO2 emissions even drastically.

Innovative materials for a future without waste

The other side of the coin regarding recovery is that of experimenting with new yarns. A recent discovery, for example, concerns graphene, obtained from the carbonization of waste from corn production. A highly performing product, capable of eliminating heat more quickly compared to traditional materials, with high anti-bacterial properties and a higher resistance to wear and wash.

Another material you can bet on is without a doubt Mylo, obtained from the mycelium found in the roots of mushrooms and often used in place of leather, particularly synthetic leather. A mixture that represents a significant step forward in eliminating plastic waste, representing an innovative solution toward sustainability.

Innovation that has always been part of Bizeta’s DNA, leading to the design of suites with features that are always more high performing, in line with the new development philosophies.


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