Hospitality and tourist marketing

The ability to search and book hotels and online stays has made the concept of “vacation” simpler, more immediate and even cheaper. For the last 10 years, for example, this ease in booking a holiday has boosted the travels of Italians.


How do Italians choose the destination for their holidays?

There are several practices that allow hoteliers and all operators in the industry to create strategies to meet the needs of travelers and to be chosen as a destination.

Travelers’ habits are changing more and more and are creating an independent and digitized tourist; that is why the various hospitality facilities need the most suitable and technologically advanced tools, which allow visitors to get acquainted with the tourists and to propose an adequate offer.


According to some data collected, 91% of users who have an Internet connection have purchased at least one service online or booked a vacation in the last 12 months; more than 50% of users use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to inquire, schedule and book; While 66% make online searches before deciding on their goal.


To succeed in the Hospitality world, you need to create an effective Tourist Marketing strategy, which includes some practices, especially online, where the Italians are the most active.

Here are the following:


As we have seen from the statistics above, most users browse through tablets or smartphones, so websites must be responsive, or even visible on these devices.


It is crucial to find out who is looking for something near our hotel and this is possible through local search, using tools such as maps.


Newsletter, email, offers, promotions, coupons, discount codes, should be sent to customers in a regular and assiduous but not annoying way.
Contacts can be collected directly in our premises or online, by filling in forms or registering with specific portals.


Good presence on social networks is reflected in credibility and reputation. Images are the ones that hit first, so they should be captivating and professional; in addition, the basic information must be present in all social uses.


Strategy is the future of Hospitality: omnichannel solutions allow centralized management of the entire sales process of a service, monitoring the data and performance of the business, managing payments safely and providing assistance. In this way, the result is a better customer experience, which is already part of the reservation process.

Bizeta Retail Solutions is also immersed in the hospitality world and offers customized solutions to improve asset management and online reputation.

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