The glossary of E-Commerce

Useful words and terms for online shopping

The world of online purchases through e-commerce is constantly expanding and evolving and for most of us, it is a real daily action.Precisely for this reason, together with the expansion of this phenomenon, a true and proper vocabulary has been created, with specific terms, which one must know and master to work in this field.Here is a small glossary, which summarizes the main fundamental terms, to move in the magical world of online purchases:


A / B testing is a process in which two different versions of the same web page are compared to choose which one is the most effective. Similar visitors are placed in front of the two options to determine the one with a higher conversion rate.

B2B (Business to Business)

A shop, in this case online, that sells products or services to other companies (and not to the final consumer)

B2C (Business to Consumer)

When the sale of products or services occurs between a merchant, in this case online, and the final consumer.


In the case of e-commerce, the shopping cart is the virtual representation of a shopping cart, in which the visitor inserts all the products he/she wants to buy.


The process leading to the final payment, after a transaction and the respective authorization.


An e-tailer can be defined as a business, a company, or a person who sells its products or services online.


M-commerce is the process of selling or buying online through mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.


This expression indicates the physical store of a company, as opposed to the online store, or e-commerce.


Brick & click store means a retail business that has at least one physical store and at least one online store, where you can execute the purchase process.


The Point of Sale, abbreviated as POS, is software that allows an online store to perform some important functions, such as accepting payments, creating and delivering digital receipts, managing the creation of new products and inventory.


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