Omni-channel approach and phygital services for future-proof Retail

Instruments, strategies and experiences so that Fashion & Luxury continues to be among the most resilient industries

A future-proof business model requires various elements: a holistic approach, a visionary strategy and continuous renewal of resources. With the suitable technological measures, even such an ambitious project is absolutely achievable.

A future-proof Retail model: essential for Fashion & Luxury brands

In one of his recent works Stéphane J.G. Girod, Professor of Strategy and Organizational Innovation at the IMD Business School in Lausanne, pointed out the factors for overcoming a historical moment characterized by uncertainty. In his view, to be future-proof, a holistic approach must be adopted: this includes a strategy that is both visionary and agile, the exploration of budding business models, the continuous renewal of resources and capabilities and the emerging of a flexible entrepreneurial culture.

Easier said than done, but anything but impossible. The IMD professor notices, in fact, how luxury is historically more resilient than other sectors: since the early 1990s to present day, its value has more than quadrupled. In this sector, periods of decline are usually brief and always precede phases of intense growth. A business constantly oriented toward new opportunities, in other words.

For a phygital and omni-channel “consumer journey”

If what we have just observed represents a solid theoretical basis, the latest research by PwC provides empirical evidence. Of all the participants in the “2022 Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey”, 81% has, in fact, declared that they have shopped on at least three or four different channels in the last six months. A future-proof model, therefore, must be characterized by an omni-channel approach.

This fragmentation of the “consumer journey” forces brands to reduce friction between one channel and another. The term “phygitalization” is used specifically to define the restructuring of the offer by Retailers. The services and experiences, therefore, become increasingly sophisticated, in a process continuously closer to online and offline. The final result is the creation of engaging and personalized itineraries for the consumers.

Bizeta solutions in a phygital view

Bizeta Retail Solutions has always been involved in harmonizing movements between physical and digital. Starting with the omni-channel suite, Vision Commerce Suite then, to the Retail software platform OneStore, the range of solutions offered is really vast.

Gemini, the on-premise/in-cloud software which can be integrated with any existing POS application easily making it mobile and omni-channel, completes the offer. The instruments to implement a future-proof Retail model, therefore, certainly are not lacking in Bizeta.


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