Fashion and sustainability – A new era for Luxury

From measuring the greenhouse gas impact of products and activities to “Green” collections: fashion is rediscovering its environmental soul.

An eco-friendly turning point is rocking the world of Luxury. The magnitude of this trend is not only about respect for the environment: it also involves new ethics in the relationship between suppliers and manufacturers.

For wiser and less frivolous fashion

The recent lockdown period has forced the fashion world to reflect on its future. Stylists and brands have realized that they have to focus on the needs of consumers to regain their full respect. The frantic rush to discounts and new collections must be set a little bit aside, leaving room for creativity to emerge in due time.

This rethinking of the system encourages collaboration and the creation of a sense of community, while discouraging isolation and fragmented actions. A new ecosystem is being created in a coordinated way to solve problems and find long-term solutions. The regeneration process that has just begun sets noble goals: fair treatment for suppliers, a transparent distribution, and an approach that aims to inspire and not influence customers.

The step from this significant change of direction to a renewed interest in the environment is a short one. The opinion of renowned fashion designer Dries Van Noten, also shared by other colleagues, sums up the whole concept well, as he stated in an interview with Vogue UK. “When you have the right mentality, everything falls into place. It’s about the small gestures as much as really big ideas – from reducing the use of copy machines to rethinking how you ship products” says the Belgian fashion designer. “It’s a big step forward if everybody is doing their best.”

More “Green” collections and products

The philosophy that we just described above was not left actionless. In fact, many companies in the sector are already announcing initiatives in line with the new course, starting with the launch of several Green collections, based on the idea of circular production, use of renewable materials, and use of sustainable sources.

From Fashion to Jewelry, the use of recycled resources is multiplying. Some companies want to rely on them exclusively, thereby also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And all this without negatively affecting the quality of the products in any way. By way of example, in jewelry, it is possible to see how gold and silver can be recycled endlessly without ever getting damaged and always appearing as new.

Measuring the impact and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions

The issue of greenhouse gas emission control is a hot topic, and not only for the manufacturing sector. Retail and communication are also beginning to come to terms with measuring the environmental impact of events and products. In short, nothing seems to be forgotten or left to chance. Quantification and analysis now dominate every process.

Thus, tools that tell customers about the environmental impact of items purchased online are starting to pop up, placing sustainability right at the center of consumers’ attention. And if Digital Fashion Weeks have already represented an eco-friendly turning point compared to real-life events, some have gone even further, measuring and offsetting the CO2 greenhouse gas emissions obtained from the related streaming.

In short, the world of Fashion is becoming more and more articulated, expanding in many new directions. Bizeta can provide its customers with all the necessary tools to better take advantage of these new trends.


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