Fashion & Luxury meets art

Cinema, architecture and even a special museum: the union of fashion and art is always stronger

The 79th Venice International Film Festival and the latest developments have once again turned the spotlight on a long-known fact: Fashion & Luxury and numerous forms of art often go hand in hand, generating collaborations and particularly fruitful experiments.

Fashion in Venice, between virtual reality and restorations

The bond between big brands in Fashion & Luxury and the lagoon city has always been strong. Further evidence comes for the latest International Film Festival, where a work in virtual reality will be staged. A creation which brings together film, a book for children and a live performance on stage, offering a unique experience.

But the relationship between the brands, Venice and art does not stop here. In fact, the cases in which the outstanding architecture of the capital of the region of Veneto have benefited from the generosity of the fashion giants are many. Several important restorations sponsored by the luxury fashion houses have, for example, concerned the Teatro Verde (amphitheater situated on the island of San Giorgio), the Benedetto Marcello Music Conservatory and Orsoni Venezia 1888, the last remaining furnace with fire still operational (for Venetian mosaics and enameled works).

When Fashion celebrates cinema

Still on the subject of cinema, fashion appeals to the seventh art also for strictly more commercial motivation. This is the case of ad campaigns that pay tribute to the masters of the big screen, citing and reinterpreting their films and philosophy.

The most recent example concerns a short film that celebrates the brilliant director, Stanley Kubrick. The costumes are included here in fragments of masterpieces like “Shining”, “A Clockwork Orange”, “Barry Lyndon”, “Eyes Wide Shut” and “2001: A Space Odyssey”, creating a bond between a brand’s latest collection and the work of the key filmmaker.

Milan and the Fashion Museum

Considering the countless occasions in which Fashion and art come together, a dedicated museum could not be lacking. In Milan, talk of this project has been going on for years, but now the idea seems to finally have taken shape. The Fashion Museum has, in fact, received from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage financing of Euro 4 million.

The structure should stand inside the Palazzo Dugnani, historical building dating back to the 17th century in Via Manin looking over the Gardens of Porta Venezia. It will be a cultural pole, for experimentation and research, created to give emphasis to the history of an industry that contributed to defining Milan’s identity. A sector, that of Fashion & Luxury, to which, also in Bizeta, we have been dedicating a large part of our commitment and of our technologies since its establishment.


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