Fashion & Luxury: 2017 Retail trends

A positive 2016, some confirmations and news in Retail fashion & Luxury in 2017

As already predicted, the luxury fashion industry marked a positive percentage of growth at the end of 2016.  And the fashion industry is already fulfilling some of the expectations and others newness that could mark a before and after for retail industry.

According to the latest statistics, the turnover of the top brands listed on the fashion & luxury stock exchange, increased with +11.5% passing 21,8 billion of euros.

Between the most remarkable brands PRADA (with 3.5 billion of euros) and SALVATORE FERRAGAMO (with1.4 billion) stand out, confirming once again that “the made in Italy” equals to excellence and quality.

While the big change that could divide the retail fashion industry in 2017 is right under the eyes of our reader, it is called “web” or in more commercial terms: e-commerce.

According to a study performed by SMI on their associates players on the Italian Retail Fashion Industry, 13% of the interviewed companies in 2025 speculate that the e-commerce rate will be  between 16% and 20% of the market, while 30% of the interviewed companies expect that the rate could even exceed 20% in 10 years, penalizing the multi-brands stores both retail and chain stores.

Despite the fact that almost all random companies have a website, nowadays only the 40% of the associates have an e-commerce web site and the e-commerce sales percentage of these companies rarely exceed 5%.

Therefore, in one hand there is a 4.0 technology that allows retail companies to have virtual stores opened nonstop, anywhere. In the other hand there is the risk to damage the part of the business which is more connected to retail.

But even if the technology could replace the person in some of the processes, there are some activities that can be only developed by people in order to make business. That is called strategy.

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