Fashion and logistics – the challenges of international data management

The fashion sector demands speedy collection times, a huge logistics/distribution effort and incredibly tight lead times. As such, excellent data management is essential.

The fashion sector has one of the most complex supply chains in the world, and professional solutions are a necessity when managing this delicate logistics phase.

The international challenge of fashion logistics

Product and delivery timescales are of vital importance in the fashion world, and nothing can be left to chance. Luxury retail brands must couple technological innovation with the daily challenges of employing an omnichannel strategy, all while communicating their brand values with impeccable organization.

As reported by Si-Log Network, the final mile is the least efficient in most supply chains and accounts for up to 28% of total costs. Customers want to be able to collect their purchases or have them delivered at a precise time, as well as to track deliveries, change the shipping address at the last minute and choose the type of packaging. As a result, all aspects of the final mile require meticulous attention to detail in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Once again we are talking about how to curate a successful user experience, as touched upon in our previous articles . But achieving this goal also requires the supervision of goods handling, and the management of inventories and electronic documents using appropriate technologies.

E-commerce is here to stay

Technological innovations, on the other hand, are no longer an option, but a necessity. In a new study entitled, “The ongoing changes in the FMCG world in light of the COVID emergency”, presented in a logistics webinar on 16 July, Nielsen Italia highlighted the enormous advances in E-commerce.

An infographic entitled “E-commerce is here to stay!” shows that the online boom is no flash in the pan, and the E-commerce growth rates seen in recent months need no comment.

    +145% in “Phase 1” (17 February – 3 May 2020);

    +150% in “Phase 2” (4 May – 5 July 2020);

    +120% YTD (30 December 2019 – 5 July 2020).

Logistics are only becoming more complex. Physical shopping cannot survive without an online presence and vice versa. The two dimensions are no longer separate, but must co-exist using an omnichannel approach.

Making strategic choices to manage data, warehouses and shipments

The latest management trends require the planning of all logistic aspects, right down to the smallest details. Stock and warehouse organization, incoming and outgoing goods tracking, operational checks and customer experience optimization are all necessities that can be efficiently managed with the appropriate software.

Bizeta’s AutoID Suite simplifies retail logistics. The Android app for handheld devices is easy to use, works in offline mode and can be integrated with any retailer infrastructure, thus speeding up all pre- and post-sales operations.

By reducing errors, preventing stock shortages and being extremely flexible (the software allows users to reconfigure handheld devices simply by scanning a QR Code), AutoID Suite allows staff to work more efficiently and effectively.

Split into three main modules (“inventory management”, “electronic document management – shipments” and “receipt – electronic document checklist”), AutoID Suite can meet a variety of different needs, allowing employees to visualize information as it is scanned, create documents using a centralized system and carry out checks using barcodes – it’s an essential logistical tool for the “phygital” era.


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