Europe, Italy and e-commerce: Who buys online?

In Italian shopping, online and offline are not rivals.

Online shopping has become an increasingly popular practice all over the world; more and more retail companies, integrate the traditional physical store with an e-commerce, to increase sales and services.

But if Retailers want to point to this new frontier, they need to know who they are dealing with and who are the main customers who shop online.

Here is a small report on the characteristics and trends of e-commerce users, based on the results of some research conducted by Eurostat and SSI (Survey Sampling International Market Research Institute).

Who does online shopping in Europe?

  • Online shopping is a common practice among consumers aged between 25 and 34;
  • It’s interesting to note how the educational qualification influences in this field: high-end consumers are more likely to make online purchases;
  • The most assiduous consumers are those who live in more densely populated areas, such as big cities and metropolises.
  • In Europe, two-thirds of the population with an Internet connection makes online shopping;
  • In 2016, 87% of English who  has a web connection has made purchases on the web , 84% of Danes and 82% of Germans.

What are the most online products purchased by Europeans?

  • 60% of people who made an online purchase bought clothing or sports goods;
  • 44% of online consumers bought pieces of furniture;
  • 38% of buyers have ordered online concert tickets and shows.

But in Italy? What relationship do Italians have with online shopping?

  • 51.4% of Italians buying online is a solid consumer;
  • 33.5% makes a purchase every three months;
  • 28.6% makes an order per week;
  • 4.2% is occasional, with an order once or twice a year.

It is important to remember that from the researches it has been shown that Italians are less lovers of online shopping than consumers in other European countries. The percentages of online purchases, in fact, at the same age and study rank, are on average higher in the various European countries than in Italy.

What prompts Italians to make online purchases?

  • 63% of consumers claim to buy online for convenience (lower prices);
  • 37% makes purchases on e-commerce portals for the wide range of products present;
  • 34% orders online for the facility of comparison between goods;

It is important to note that online purchases are also increasing in Italy, but in-store experience continues to be crucial: for this reason, large retail companies are studying integration strategies between online and offline to meet the needs of consumers, to optimize sales and to offer a better shopping experience.

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