Distributive formats in Fashion Retail

Pop-Up Store, Temporary Store, Concept Store… discover the main formats that add more value to Fashion Industry.

Retail represents the last link in distribution chain, having as objective the selling of goods to final consumers.The main objective is to involve and convert the visitors in final costumers. In order to realise that the traditional store can take numerous forms and types.Especially in Retail Fashion we can find many distributive formats, that can take different names in accordance with the features of the places in which they born or according to the products that they sell (multi brand or mono brand).Here follows a list of the main distributive forms in Retail Fashion, of whom we hear speaking always more often:


The corner it’s an area inside a multi brand point of sale, dedicated to a single brand (mono brand) for example a big store.

The companies that manages the corner will separately manage the in-shop communication, the sales and the staff.


This type of store can be found in the most important areas of the big cities.

This point of sale is usually mono brand and born mainly to communicate brand’s most symbolic values. 


The concept store it’s a type of store characterised by a strong theme: the objective is to provide to customer a real experience inside the brand’s management world.

The customer experience provided by the concept store it’s full of incentives and options created by the merchandise in sale, but also by the store and environment design.


The factory outlet it’s an evolution of the old factory outlet. The main objective of the outlets is to sell out the remained merchandise, applying sales to products.  Usually outlets are placed in suburbs.


The shop in shop store born when a vendor rent a part of its point of sale to another brand, becoming a full-fledged independent store.


The temporary store goes against the schemes of the standard store.

This type of store opens and closes without notice and stays opened for a few days (maximum one month) for than open in another place.

The logic behind the temporary store it’s very modern and complex: this way of doing has as objective the creation of a characteristic image representing a certain brand. Moreover, will also increase the purchases because the costumer doesn’t know for sure when the store will close.


The guerrilla store it’s a type of temporary store enriched by another feature: this type of point of sale born in isolated places, faraway from city centres, in abounded buildings or in buildings which are meant to be demolished.

Also in this case, the store inauguration and closure will be sudden. The pieces for sale are often unique and the prices are usually smaller compared with the regular store. This type of store doesn’t have a logo and very often nether sales staff.

Rei Kawakubo has been experimenting this format, bringing out a huge success.


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