Digital-first Retail for web-influenced sales

Digital influence in Retail

Digital-first Retail is an expression that shows how much customer experience is increasingly influenced by digital channels, no matter where the latest conversion takes place.

Most in-store sales start indeed from online: according to some surveys, more than half of sales in the physical store involve a digital device and are therefore web-influenced.

Consumers are constantly searching for informations on the web: sometimes researches are more “superficial” with the intention of finding store informations, opening hours, or address. In other cases, however, the search process is deeper and more complex: the aim is to find the best price, the best product and the most affordable promotions.

How can the retailers take advantage of this phenomenon of “web-influenced” purchases?


Technology has gained a very important role in the retail sector, which accompanies the management of the entire supply chain; investing in technological innovations is the first thing to do to improve customer experience and increase web-influenced sales.


Online placement is critical for businesses: when consumers conduct their online searches, retailers need to control all contact points (touchpoints) and to be able to conquer the so-called micro-moments.


Company’s and products’ informations online must always be fresh, clear, accurate, and up-to-date: the most part of consumers complains that often the informations in e-commerce are not sufficiently detailed.


Loyalty through customized offers and promotions is always a good practice: newsletters, ecommerce discount codes, online giveaway, are activities that stimulate and guide the consumer in a shopping experience that can easily end with a purchase (online or offline).

Integration between online and offline is therefore essential to optimize sales, loyalty to customers, and efficient customer experience.

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