Digital Clienteling: new instruments to relate with customers in stores

As often occurs, the beginning of a new year turns the spotlight on a growing trend, for 2022 that is Digital Clienteling

Maintaining the relationship with customers alive – while they are shopping in the store or after purchasing – focusing on interactivity and customer loyalty. This is the goal of Clienteling, a strategy that has been around for a few years and that is now achieving growing interest thanks to the success of new digital tools.

Digital Clienteling: quality relationships in first place

Digital Clienteling is a concept that has been receiving growing interest for some time now. Maintaining quality relationship with consumers, offering them personalized experiences and always active contacts is by now an established strategy. Establishing a “one to one” relationship plays an essential role in creating customer loyalty and in increasing sales.

In most recent months, this philosophy has found a powerful ally in some technological instruments. Innovations that once again demonstrate how they are at the service of Fashion & Luxury, making it possible to best profile users and provide them with the services they are looking for.

App for a long term “connection”

By operating both on the side of consumers as well as that of the brands, the goal of Digital Clienteling Apps is to make the purchasing experience more linear and familiar. At the same time, they give Retailers the chance to develop profiles specific to their customers.

While the customer is in the store, the App interacts with the buyer through suggestions and requests for feedback. Once the visit has ended, the brand then has an opportunity to continue the dialogue and communicate with its followers, perhaps by offering high-spending consumers (VIP Luxury customers) benefits such as sneak peak access to the latest collections or personalized recommendations.

In this way, the Digital Clienteling App accurately processes visitors’ preferences, promoting a long-term relationship: a particularly effective strategy when turning to those with significant spending power.

Software for a purchasing experience without limits

These instruments become essential in a Retail world that is now omni-channel. A context in which the engagement begins with the store, but no longer stops here. Through integration with Apps, videos, e-commerce and instruments of every type, the co-existence of physical and digital spaces is already a reality from which there will be no backtracking.

What we have just described is precisely the philosophy that gives life to Bizeta, always in search of technological solutions to innovate the industry of Fashion & Luxury.


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