Custom and Bizeta aired on World Excellence Tv

Andrea Preite, CEO of Bizeta Retail Solutions, can you describe us how Bizeta has been integrated into the story of Custom.

Andrea Preite, CEO of Bizeta Retail Solutions, interviewed on World Excellence TV, tells the partnership with Custom and Bizeta’s prospects.

How did the meeting between Custom and Bizeta occur? 

“Bizeta’s and Custom’s contacts date back to 2008, when Bizeta became a vendor reseller company of Custom’s hardware products, appreciating immediately their high performance and constant innovation, key qualities for Bizeta’s Fashion & Luxury segment.”

Thanks to entry into a reality bigger than Custom, Bizeta has been able to enhance its know-how?

“By occupying large groups of Italian Luxury, who have stores all over the world, we had the” problem “of having them follow wherever they went: Bizeta has now 2500 outlets installed in about 57 countries. For a small company like ours was tiring and we had to use external consultations, while today, being within a large group, we can use the help of our colleagues directly present on the site to better manage and follow even Shops abroad. ” 

Compared to the possibilities that have opened in Bizeta, especially abroad, what do you feel about telling us?

“There was certainly some facilitation because the Group has many branches abroad.
Often we have to face the opening of a new customer’s store on a market where Bizeta had never worked and the fact that they can be helped by group colleagues to offer the best solution to the customer according to the rules
 of the place has been a great advantage. “

A customized service is one of the major needs of the luxury market. How do you respond to this need?

“The luxury market is particularly demanding, but most of all, it begins to feel the need to diversify. Diversifications are emerging, which are luxury customers who open museums, foundations or restaurants.
Even in this Custom has helped us, since being present in various areas, we can borrow depending on the customer’s needs. ” 

A Legislative Decree last year seeks to massively introduce POSs and eliminate cash utilization. How this has been accepted into the luxury sector? 

“Certainly the big luxury retailers are the most attention-minded to the innovation and automation of the payment phase.
In other areas, some companies have already taken some steps towards electronic payment, but there will certainly be more development in the coming years, even in Italy.
For example, in America it is already commonly used to pay with PayPal at a store, and this year it is possible to do so in some stores in Italy. In particular, luxury is watching these new processes very carefully. “


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