5 Retail trends for 2018

2018 will look like a year full of speedtechnology and continuous evolution. Retailers must keep pace with the times to emerge in the Fahion&Luxury market and to grow their business.
The physical store is no longer enough, traditional shopping experiences give way to “travel” through stimuli and entertainment strategies and mobile becomes an integral part of shopping experience.

Here are 5 trends that have already appeared in 2017 and will continue to assert their importance in 2018 in the retail sector.


In the retail world, we will increasingly assist with Virtual Reality, Increased Reality, and Voice Support.
The automation of the various processes makes store management (online and offline) simpler and more effective, while the various technologies that allow to apply increased reality catapult the consumer into a different, original and much more challenging shopping experience than the traditional one.


Giving Customers the opportunity to shop through a smartphone or tablet is crucial in today’s retail world.
According to some research, online shopping could contribute $ 250 billion to the economy by 2020!


The beauty of today’s economy is that the customer can almost always get what he wants, when he wants and how he wants.
Today’s consumers are increasingly aware and demanding and are looking for new and personalized products that meet their needs.
That’s why personalization in the retail world is a key element to grow your business.


A memorable shopping experience is what is needed to survive an activity. Whether online or offline, the purchasing experience must satisfy the 100% consumer and encourage him to go back to the store (whether physical or virtual). Customer servicecustomer carein-store activitiesonline help are all elements to keep in mind for a respectable shopping experience.


Forbes Magazine states: “By 2020, not only most transactions will take place through our mobile devices, whether they are our smartphones or portable technologies that leverage field communications technology (NFC), we will also see the emergence of even more rational payment experiences. ”
The integration of these “without wallet” payment systems makes the act of fastsecure and efficient payment and allows you to monitor your customers’ habits and transactions.

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