2020 Hospitality sector trends

Technology has been present for years in the Hospitality sector, to improve guests experience and meet their needs: here are the trends for the next year.

In 2019, we witnessed great technological growth, which will continue for the entire 2020. Digital innovation is essential to speed up processes, streamline activities and offer more services to our guests, by optimizing data and identifying what is really important for our target customers.

Here are the main 2020 trends for the hospitality sector.

Strengthening the sector through Data Intelligence

Strategic activities for the top-end hospitality sector are focused on different types of data; this is why knowing how to exploit them properly is key.
A suitable analysis of the potential target data and their correct use is what makes hospitality enterprises stand out. The trends for the hospitality sector show how to obtain a competitive advantage, with dedicated offers and a correctly profiled lead database.
Special data analysis and management software are now essential to increase the visits to a hotel structure and improve profit. Intelligent and targeted choices stem from a correct analysis of the data collected.

Hospitality sector trends: mobile online booking is growing

In 2017, we witnessed a constant increase of mobile Web browsing, in line with the trends of the hospitality sector of the last few years. This phenomenon will continue to grow exponentially in the future. This is why a well-performing and smartphone-enabled responsive website – always updated and where different tasks can be achieved – is essential. Online booking is now a prerequisite for the majority of your guests.

Collecting customer information in an Omnichannel perspective

The old paper forms submitted to customers are now a barrier between the customer and the facility, as they are considered a waste of time! New technologies can collect essential guest data on several touchpoints in a smarter way and at different times during their stay. This way, you can exploit the customer’s preferences and personal taste to offer unique and tailored-made experiences, while complying with the GDPR.

Managing online bookings

Eighty-eight percent of Hospitality enterprises currently uses AI to automate many aspects of their bookings.
New technology innovations help manage bookings, by streamlining the process (both for the customer and the operator) and reducing time. This helps becoming independent – in whole or in part – from online portals or travel agencies, improving direct hotel bookings. At the same time, useful data will be saved by the hotel to be analysed and exploited to identify the hospitality trends for future years.

Hospitality sector trends: ensuring safe transactions

Before booking on a website they are not familiar with, customers want to be certain that their transactions are safe. Modern solutions can guarantee that the data are stored and protected according to the current regulations to both hotels and their customers. This is now possible thanks to new technologies and digital payment methods. This way, customers are increasingly prone to purchasing online, also taking advantage of special offers they can access exclusively online.

Booking, data management and payment processing are just some of the activities that require more and more the support of technology for an enterprise to stand out in the Hospitality Sector.

This is why Bizeta Retail Solutions creates digital and tailored-made solutions for the Hospitality Sector, to ensure simple and fast booking and hotel management operations.

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Last update of the article: December 2019.


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