Bizeta Retail Solutions

We have been partnering with companies to develop winning In-Store management strategies for the fashion and luxury retail sector since 1983, as well as to design a range of complementary software, hardware and service systems. Our highly scalable omnichannel solutions are already used in over 58 Countries around the world and work brilliantly for both small and medium-sized companies operating nationally, as well as multinational companies with global brands. In 2014, we joined Custom Group, a leading manufacturer of integrated solutions for the retail and professional markets.




Point of sales



In recent years, we have witnessed a move away from the polarity between online and offline shops, and a greater push towards complementing different channels using omnichannel/multichannel strategies.  The aim is to increasingly improve Customer Experience by making it fluid and integrated across various touch points.  We engage in a 360-degree approach to this strategy, combining our wealth of experience in the development of software applications with Custom’s hardware and Flooid’s software applications.

When it comes to providing an excellent Shopping Experience and assisting Customers, attention to detail is what makes Bizeta a valuable partner able to offer innovative, customized solutions. Experienced professionals and cutting-edge technology: two factors that perfectly characterize Bizeta and allow us to lead complex projects to international success for important Fashion and Luxury brands.

We have been working in the retail sector for more than 30 years, engaging in important business partnerships since the 2000s in order to increase our competitive advantage and offer expertise as a unique partner to Customers all over the world.  In the last 20 years, we have worked on over sixty projects of Best Practices, gaining the experience required to respond to complex sector needs, which tend to be highly reactive when it comes to innovative In-Store management. So we are able to design effective solutions based on successful case stories, with maximum efficiency and lower costs compared to our competitors.

Being part of Custom Group – an Italian company with international spirit and experience in over 15 fiscal markets – helps us to understand and better manage each specific situation.

Our approach is flexible and dependent on specific Customer needs: we offer software, hardware, maintenance and services as individual options, or as a complete digital package, developed from an omnichannel perspective, with advanced features such as Profit Protection, for more complex and advanced organizations.  From a pre-configured solution, capable of satisfying and helping small Retailers to grow, to tailor-made solutions that can be customized according to individual company needs.



“It is essential to invest
in mobility and omnichannel
solutions in order to bring
Retailers closer to Customers
during the purchase process
and to integrate operations
across multiple channels.”

Andrea Preite
CEO Bizeta Retail Solutions

Our history


Bizeta was founded in 1983 in Cormano (Milan), projecting the first approved electronic fiscal devices.


In 2001, thanks to the partnership with PCMS (now Flooid), becomes the exclusive supplier of VISION Beanstore, in Italy. An innovative point of sale solution built to serve the needs of retailers.


The first Vision Bean Store project at global level.


Becomes part of Custom SPA.


Our Know-how is guaranteed by:

  • Over 30 years of experience in retail industry;
  • An experienced team, able to develop personalized projects with the right skills to compile analysis of the As-is/To-be processes
  • Development of International projects, including many Locations/Taxations
  • Application of Best Practice, acquired as a result of numerous international experiences for Fashion and Luxury brands

The solutions are highly flexible, able to fully integrate with third party systems, as well as boosting an unique, Mobile App-based Shopping Experience.

Bizeta Retail Solutions is ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

Our company also provides technical assistance on electronic fiscal devices and supplies a Maintenance Service Centre specialized on fiscal devices.

A winner's team

Thanks to the partnership with Flooid and the other Custom’s group society, Bizeta is able to give you the best technology solutions with higher specializations.