Retail Trends

Digital Clienteling: new instruments to relate with customers in stores

Maintaining the relationship with customers alive – while they are shopping in the store or after purchasing – focusing on interactivity and customer loyalty. This is the goal of Clienteling, a strategy that has been around for a few years and that is now achieving growing interest thanks to the success of new digital tools.

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Italian fashion through present and future

According to a study by Deloitte, Italy is the number one country for the number of times it placed among the 100 Top Players of Fashion & Luxury globally. It is the crowning of a year that has seen consumption growing again, in view of a 2022 which is expected to live up to its precursor.

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Low impact rental and Circular Fashion

A few months ago, we asked ourselves whether clothing rental was a sustainable practice for Fashion & Luxury or whether it could lead to negative consequences. An analysis by Rent the Runway seems now to lean towards the first option. Beyond the specific cases, new studies show how Fashion is increasing circular.

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Boom in exports for Fashion Made in Italy

The rebounding of global economy driving Made in Italy export. The return to pre-COVID levels is already expected for 2021, while later even better results than in the past are expected. Some exemplary cases of the recovery come precisely from the world of Fashion.

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Clothing rental: sustainable or impactful for Fashion?

We barely have a chance to comment on the success of secondhand that a new trend, to a certain point similar, is already earning the limelight. Opinions on platforms for renting clothes are not uniform as is common in some other cases.

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Fashion Week in transition and resort friendly mood

A longing to travel, beach settings and colorful clothing: during the most recent Milan Men’s Fashion Week, all of the industry’s desire for recovery and relaxation takes center stage. Fashion & Luxury finally sees the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and prepares to face the post-COVID period with hope.

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Vintage and secondhand Apps and platforms: the rebirth of Fashion also goes through Resale

Depop, Vinted, Like New… the rise of Apps and website for reselling used clothing seems to be, for a few months now, unstoppable. Beyond the unbelievable successful cases of several former startups, at the basis of this phenomenon there are well-consolidated trends and expectations.

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The confirmation of Luxury and recovery of Fashion

Following a very difficult year, the likes of which had not been seen for decades, in Fashion and in Luxury a wave of optimism can finally once again be felt in the air. During the most recent weeks, in fact, various reports have been released demonstrating how Fashion & Luxury has already started their recovery: let’s take a look in this overview.

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Innovative materials and recycled yarns: the new frontier of sustainability for Fashion & Luxury

Recycled materials, obtained from corn scraps or from the roots of mushrooms: green economy applied to Fashion & Luxury finds increasingly surprising ways toward a complete ecological turning point. The reduction of waste and eco-sustainable production is by now an obligation.

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Dark stores: the future of commerce in the era of fluidity?

Dark stores, retail outlets reconverted into warehouses to face the needs of e-commerce, are a phenomenon known for some time now. However, for a few months, word has been that they are the post-pandemic future. Let us see how realistic this forecast is.

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Words re-found – Fashion & Luxury rediscover written and spoken communication

If last year we witnessed a significant use of video and streaming platforms, during recent times communication in Fashion & Luxury has, in part, slowed down its race to experimentation, re-discovering the pure value of words.

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A new run for stores and showrooms

From flagship stores bringing Made in Italy all over the world to new executive showrooms, all the way to stores once considered solely for selling now becoming actual relational centers. The renewal of Fashion & Luxury also passes through the design of innovative environments.

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